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When Teething Starts

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    When Teething Starts

    As a new parent it is not always easy to know what your baby is trying to tell you. When your baby starts teething it can be a stressful time for both your baby and yourself so knowing when teething occurs will help you manage the teething stages.

    Every baby is different, and your baby’s teeth can start erupting anytime from birth to 27 months4. It starts when the first baby tooth cuts through the gum, at about 6 months and can continue until a child is 3 years of age5.

    Below is a guide on the general order and age in which tooth eruption occurs6.

    Some signs and symptoms of teething may include:

    Swollen or inflamed gums

    Loss of appetite


    Sleep disturbance

    Sucking/chewing on fingers or hands

    Excessive dribbling

    Fussy and irritable

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